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Neighborhood, location and benefits

In Leuven, all sites of interest are within easy walking distance. Do you want to push the discovery a little further? Get on a bike! You can go alone or follow an enthusiastic guide.

7 good tips from a local

According to Chintana Van Caster (Travelbird). https://www.visitleuven.be/en/leuven-on-a-budget

Restaurants, café terraces, entrance tickets for cultural visits… A citytrip can hurt your wallet! However, it may be different, as you can stay in Leuven on a limited budget. The city is full of cultural sites, great cafés or restaurants and magnificent monuments that can be visited for free or without spending too much.

Discover below our 7 good tips for visiting Leuven at a lower cost, according to Chintina Van Caster.

1. Grand Béguinage | The Grand Béguinage de Leuven allows you to combine a moment of relaxation with a free cultural activity. Away from any urban hustle and bustle, it gives the impression of being a small village in the city. Covering an area of 3 hectares, the Grand Béguinage is a succession of old cobbled streets with about a hundred small traditional houses, which were once inhabited by beguines. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this beguinage is the largest in Flanders! It is no coincidence that the Grand Beguinage is one of the most established tourist attractions in the world. Stroll through the dozens of alleys and enjoy a delicious picnic while enjoying a pleasant moment of relaxation along the Dijle. You don’t even need to take the bus or the train!

2. Beleuvenissen | Want to attend free concerts, all in a friendly atmosphere? Every year, the city organises’Het Groot Verlof’ (Summer in Leuven), with musical, culinary and many other events. In July, you can enjoy the Beleuvenissen, a very friendly music festival. During 3 Fridays, you can attend free concerts in the centre of Leuven! Enjoy this summer festival where all styles of music meet, from brass bands to the most popular artists of the moment. There is something for everyone!

3. Dewerf | Do you have a limited budget to visit the city? If you want to eat well without breaking the bank, we recommend Dewerf, a restaurant frequented by students. In a colourful setting, this establishment offers you a unique concept. On the menu, you will find dishes at very low prices and served in an original way. Enjoy a delicious coffee in a thermos bottle with Prince cookies, enjoy a hearty breakfast and squeeze your own orange juice or order spaghetti served from the pan. The restaurant has a large terrace where it is nice to sit down on a sunny day. If you are really too hot, you can even ask for a foot bath to cool off!

4. Park Abbey | This magnificent Park Abbey, located just outside the city, is surrounded by a splendid park that was part of the former ducal domain. Enjoy this wonderful natural setting, the magnificent ponds and the impressive abbey. But leave the guided tour aside and don’t settle on the terrace. The guided tour is interesting but not mandatory. Admire the buildings of the abbey estate and take your picnic to enjoy nature, with your feet on the grass.

5. STUK | Want to see a show or go to the movies, without spending too much money? Here again, you will find everything you need in Leuven. Forget Hollywood movies and go to STUK, the home of dance, image and sound. You will find superb shows, screenings and exhibitions from only 5 euros. This art centre also organizes workshops, in which you can participate free of charge or for a modest fee. Do you live or stay longer in Leuven? Buy a Stuk card for 12 euros to benefit from significant discounts on tickets. The program is rich and varied!

6. Leuven Walk App | Many guided tours allow you to discover the main attractions of the city of Leuven. But all these tours are obviously not free. To save money, you can explore the area on your own with the Leuven Walk App. Download the application to your phone and discover the city’s main attractions. From City Hall, walk down to the Oude Markt and get valuable information about the city’s landmarks for free.

7. ILUVLeuven Ticket | Even if the city of Leuven is full of activities and free visits, some places are obviously not free. This is the case, for example, of the M Museum or the Town Hall. Fortunately, access to these magnificent buildings is not very expensive. By purchasing an ILUVLeuven Ticket online, you will benefit from a very advantageous rate for entry to certain sites. You will only pay 16 euros instead of 25 euros to access these monuments.