Article 1

These general conditions supplement the rental contract for a furnished holiday apartment (“reservation form”) and form an integral part it. They must always be attached to the reservation form.

Article 2

The holiday apartment can only be booked by paying a deposit of at least 50% of the total price within one week of the reservation date (unless otherwise agreed in writing). The amount of the rent and the additional costs must be paid no later than 30 days before the start of the stay (unless otherwise agreed in writing).

Article 3

If the tourist does not pay the amounton time, SMARTFLATS SA will have the right to re-let the accommodation. If this actually happens, the tourist will have to pay SMARTFLATS SA the difference in income + a 25% commission on the relocation. If the property can no longer be re-let, the tourist will be required to pay the entire amount to SMARTFLATS SA.

Article 4

The tourist who cancels for any reason, or even without reason, is the only one who can be held responsible towards SMARTFLATS SA.

Article 5

A deposit must also be paid and this at the latest on the date scheduled for the payment of the amount. The deposit will be refunded in the month following the departure of the tourist if he has fulfilled all his obligations and, if applicable, after payment of the amount remaining due (consumption, compulsory cleaning and other costs).

Article 6

The holiday apartment is rented furnished. 90% of the rental price relates to the property and 10% to the furniture, unless another distribution is foreseen.

Article 7

The holiday apartment is exclusively intended to be occupied for seasonal and private purposes. The tourist cannot make this accommodation his main residence. The tourist is expressly prohibited from domiciling at the address of the holiday apartment.

Article 8

In the case of a double rental due to the mistake of SMARTFLATS SA, SMARTFLATS SA will rrefund the amount paid to the tourist. SMARTFLATS SA may possibly offer another holiday apartment as compensation.

Article 9

The tourist needs the written authorization of SMARTFLATS SA to sublet and bring animals into the house. Without such authorization, subletting and the presence of animals in the holiday apartment is strictly prohibited. Any breach will result in the payment of a lump amount compensation of € 250.

Article 10

The tourist must use the holiday apartment with due diligence, in accordance with his destination. This means among other things that:

  • objects that are part of the furniture cannot be moved
  • the rules of procedure must be respected
  • sheets must be used on the beds
  • at the time of departure, the tourist must leave the holiday apartment in a good general state of maintenance
  • Damage must be reported immediately to SMARTFLATS SA and at the latest within 24 hours of arrival.
  • Doors and windows must be closed in case of wind / rain
  • The holiday apartment must be closed in case of absence
  • Nighttime noise or any other form of disturbance around the holiday apartment should be avoided. Initially, the tourist must tidy up the holiday apartment. At the very least, tidying up the holiday apartment involves:
  • put everything back in its place
  • empty the sink, fill the dishwasher and run it. In the event that there is no dishwasher, the dishes must be cleaned.
The tourist is always personally responsible for returning the contents of cupboards, utensils and protective covers for mattresses, seats and similar supplies in a good state of cleanliness. The number of people who can occupy the accommodation is determined either by the number of beds or by a formal indication and cannot be exceeded in any way. Only children’s beds can be added. If the property has a fireplace, it cannot be used (unless otherwise confirmed in writing by SMARTFLATS SA).

Article 11

The tourist must be insured against fire, water damage and glass breakage through SMARTFLATS SA. The premium for this insurance is already included in the rent.

Article 12

In the holiday apartment where there is an inventory, the tourist is required to check the accuracy of the inventory and to submit any observations in writing within 24 hours. The same goes for the cleanliness of the accommodation. A property that is insufficiently cleaned and / or furnished with bad taste cannot be a reason for reimbursement of the rent. The same goes for inclement weather conditions, construction work nearby, closing of Horeca and closing non-essential stores.

Article 13

The tourist must tolerate visits for technical interventions by SMARTFLATS SA and not disturb them. Defects in technical equipment due to force majeure cannot give rise to damages. SMARTFLATS SA also reserves the right to organize a visit to the apartment by its attendant and with prior notification to the tourist.

Article 14

The reception and return of keys can only take place during office opening hours, unless SMARTFLATS SA explicitly offers another arrangement (key safe, keypad, etc.). The keys given to the tourist cannot be reproduced under any circumstances. In case of violation, the cost of a new lock and new keys will be charged. If the keys are lost, a new lock must be installed, with a sufficient number of new keys. The cost will also be borne by the tourist.

Article 15

When a rental cannot take place due to force majeure or due to legal or regulatory provisions, with the consequence that the holiday apartment cannot be delivered to the tourist, the tourist accepts the cancellation of the reservation, possibly after deduction of an administrative cost in favor of SMARTFLATS SA which cannot however exceed 10% of the price.

Article 16

The tourist is expressly forbidden to move, remove or disable smoke detectors or fire-fighting equipment, or in any other way compromise the fire safety of the holiday apartment, as well as obstruct or render unusable the emergency exits. The tourist is obliged to return the holiday apartment as it was at the start of the stay. This also means that all the information present, including but not limited to an evacuation plan, pictograms, an information file, etc., must be left in the holiday apartment, in the same way as ‘they were there on arrival. Failure to comply with this rule will be considered as damage to be compensated.

Article 17

SMARTFLATS SA is not responsible for forgotten items. If the tourist requests that the items left in the holiday apartment be collected and returned to him, a fee may be charged in addition to the cost of postage.

Article 18

It is forbidden to request extensions of the digital television offer in the holiday apartment, or to conclude new subscription packages without the prior authorization of SMARTFLATS SA. It is expressly forbidden to buy programs, to hack, to modify or transmit passwords or to exceed the available surfing capacity. In the event of a breach, administrative compensation will be due, in proportion to the amounts lost, as well as the efforts required to restore the old situation.

Article 19

Linens, sheets, kitchen towels and bath towels are provided in the holiday apartment. The tourist will refrain from taking the laundry owned by SMARTFLATS SA and will keep it in a good state of maintenance. In the event of a breach, administrative compensation will be due, in proportion to the amounts lost, as well as the efforts required to restore the old situation.

Article 20

Smoking is strictly prohibited in the holiday apartment and in the common areas of the building. Any breach may give rise to the payment of lump amount damages of € 25

Article 21

The reservation of a holiday apartment by payment of a deposit or payment of the price implies unconditional acceptance of these general conditions. The internal regulations present and / or distributed in the holiday apartment are an integral part of these general conditions and must be strictly observed.

Article 22

The tourist uses the holiday apartment at his own risk. SMARTFLATS SA is not responsible for thefts or possible accidents that may occur in and around the holiday apartment.

Article 23

The arrival and departure times, as determined and communicated in advance by SMARTFLATS SA, must be strictly observed. In the event of early departure, the tourist will not be entitled to reimbursement. When leaving, windows and doors must be closed. The heating must be reduced. The lights off. A late departure may give rise to the payment of lump amount damages of 150 €. An early arrival may give rise to the payment of fixed damages of 150 €.

Article 24

The consumer has no right of withdrawal for “the provision of accommodation services other than for residential purposes, transport, car rental, catering or services related to leisure activities if the contract provides for a specific date or period of performance” (pursuant to Art. VI.53, 12° CDE).