Bruxelles, ma belle

It doesn’t get more Belgian than Brussels. It’s as easy as that. This metropole might also be the capital of Europe and host to some of the most important European institutions, but it’s mostly an urban blend that mixes all of Belgium’s intricacies together. Here you’ll enjoy high and low brow culture side by side. It’s both elegant and extremely easygoing. No-nonsense, yet not that easy to get to know completely. Brussels is a city whose layers you’ll need to peel away one by one. But if you do, you’ll probably discover why the locals call it “Bruxelles, ma belle”.

Our recommended bucket list:

  • The Bozar museum always has some interesting expo going on, but it also houses on of the coolest rooftop bars of the city. Go sip and enjoy the view.
  • Did you know Brussels has A LOT of public parks? Escape from the hustle and get comfortable with a book (or just enjoy watching the swans) in the Parc Léopold.
  • Brussels is the home of European institutions, beer, chocolate, waffles, fries and … comic books. Take a stroll around the city and try to spot as many ‘comic walls’ as you can find in between the mesmerizing Art Nouveau and Art Deco buildings.

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