Rising star

To call Gent up-and-coming, would be doing them wrong. The city has an expansive and rich history, and it has the spectacular architecture to prove it. However, the city has found a sort of second breath and has quickly become the most avant-garde city of Belgium. It attracts all hip sorts and creatives but is also very welcoming to tourists. A beautiful blend of forerunners and tradition, gives Gent its one-of-a-kind vibe. First time in Belgium? Don’t miss out on your opportunity to take a daytrip to the nearby city of Bruges.

Our recommended bucket list:

  • When the sun’s out, the ‘Gentenaars’ are out. Find a spot between the locals on the many terraces or with the students and youngsters by the water at the Graslei.
  • Gent calls itself the vegetarian capital of Europe. No wonder, as there are so many vegetarian and vegan hotspots to discover. Why not make a quick (or long …) stop at Madam Bakster for some sugarfree and vegan desserts?
  • There are some local delicacies you simply must try. Sweet tooths should really buy a portion of ‘Neuzekes’, famous sweets which are sold from carts in the city centre. Looking for a more grownup taste experience? Make your way over to ‘t Dreupelkot and try some of the more than 200 types of jenever.

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