Hidden gem

You might call Leuven in itself a hidden gem in Belgium. This city doesn’t have the fame of Brussels or Antwerp, but it does come with a very unique identity, wonderful sights and history to discover. Its story is in every way intertwined with the city’s university whose history goes back to 1425 and it remains the student capital of the Belgium up until this day, which you will experience if you visit the city during the academic year. But Leuven is so much more than a university town. Just wait and see!

Our recommended bucket list:

  • Visiting Leuven and not having a drink on the Oude Markt? That would be a shame. The square is called the ‘longest bar of the world’, simply because of its many, many bars and pubs. Pick a spot, pick a Belgian beer and relax.
  • If you’re a fan of great music, check out the itinerary of Het Depot before your visit to Leuven. This concert venue hosts a diverse array of both famous and less-famous artists throughout the year.
  • In need of some peace and quiet in the midst of this city? The botanical garden is a true hidden gem.

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