Vibrant city

Antwerp, city of diamonds, fashion and culture. it’s said that Antwerp had its golden age in the 15th century, but ask any local and they will tell you the city is as lively and vibrant as ever. This is a city where the past, present and future constantly coincide, and where yesterday’s slightly dodgy neigbourhood is today’s place to be. Stroll past the most fashionable boutiques in the Sint-Andries quarter, admire the old architecture of the Grote Markt (while enjoying a typical Antwerp ‘Bolleke’ of course) or discover the latest expo in the MAS and round up your day with a bite at Het Eilandje. There’s lots to discover here.

Our recommended bucket list:

  • Do you love beers? Discover the history of Antwerp’s most famous beers at the De Koninck Brewery. End your day with a drink, loaded nachos and a view of the city on their rooftop terrace.
  • You can take a boat to cross the river, or you can walk your way to the left bank (or Linkeroever) through a unique historic pedestrian tunnel, including authentic wooden escalators. You can find some of the best views of the city on the other end.
  • Do as the locals do and get on a bike. Get yourself a day pass for the city’s VELO system and start to pedal.

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