A gentle way of life

It might not be on most travellers’ bucket lists, but it definitely should be. Liège is so much more than the grey and gloomy industrial city most people imagine it to be. It’s lively, it’s filled with historic sights, has a lot to offer for cultural enthousiasts and it’s Belgian, so good food and drinks are always right around the corner. A little hint: the city has an ongoing ‘waffle battle” with Brussels. So if you ask us, there’s nothing else to do but try them out and make the comparison for yourself.

Our recommended bucket list:

  • Take a hike up to the citadel. There are 4 different hiking routes which take you up to the ancient citadel. The great views of the city are, naturally, included.
  • You’ve got a nick for photography? Head over to the Liège Guillemins train station, where the stunning architecture plays an endless game with the natural incoming light.
  • Check out the local brewery Curtius and taste their beer. Nice bonus: the brewery is located at the foot of the famous stairs of the Montagne van Bueren. Quite the climb, for quite the view!

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