30 Sep, 2022
3 hidden gems in Liege

Liege, an underrated city? Be sure. Liège has a lot to offer. The old steel basins may belong to the past, but that doesn’t mean this bustling city contains a lot of beautiful spots. We provide 3 must visits. A must during your stay in Smartflats and the city. 

  • Climb Mount Bueren


    If you are in good shape, be sure to climb the steps of Mount Bueren. Don’t forget the surrounding streets, full of charm, although there are many private gardens. At the top of the mountain you will find a war memorial and you will enjoy a great view over the city. You have earned that after this effort.

Montagne De Bueren – 4000 Liège – www.visitezliege.be

  • Admire Liège-Guillemins Station


    Liege’s train station is downright impressive. A strong example of top modern architecture. Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava designed the station and a lot of steel was chosen, not illogical given the city’s history. Enjoy the futuristic building and of course you can also discover the rest of Belgium from here. 

Liège-Guillemins Station – Place des Guillemins 2 – 4000 Liège

  • Visit the La Batte Sunday market

    This Sunday market takes you for 3 km past lots of stalls selling fresh produce, street food, local cheeses and lots of bric-a-brac. The market may have lost some of its glory, but on a sunny day it’s still great to stroll along the banks of the Meuse River. The market starts at 8 a.m. and stops at 2 p.m.

Between Quai Paul van Hoegaerden and Quai Saint Léonard – 4000 Liège


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