22 Sep, 2022
3 vegan restaurants you have to discover in Antwerp

Healthy and delicious food? That is not difficult to find at all in Antwerp. We give you 3 top addresses where lovers of vegan and vegetarian cuisine can eat their hearts out.

01. Camion & Camionette

Tasty vegan? Choose between Camion or Camionette. From the same owners and both delectable. From breakfast to dinner and after-dinner drinks: in these establishments you will be comfortable all day if you combine them. Camion has a lot of fans and the dishes are not only vegan and delicious: they are also all Instaproof.

Camion – Paleisstraat 7 – 2018 Antwerpen – www.camion-ette.be

02. Hümm

Fan of hummus and more? Then Hümm is the place to be. Meanwhile, here you get the world on your plate. The cozy Dageraadplaats is definitely an added bonus, especially at night when the lights are on. Enjoy the atmosphere and fine furniture, sample organic wine and get those finger food dishes going.

Hümm – Dageraadplaats 33 – 2018 Antwerpen – www.humm.love

03. Circus

Maybe just a little less known, but original and super congenial. Circus is in a beautiful and spacious building. You come here for a healthy lunch based on organic and local products. You can read a book here perfectly and definitely do not leave without a delicious dessert.

Circus – Kasteelpleinstraat 26 – 2000 Antwerpen – www.circusrestaurant.be


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