22 Sep, 2022
Delicious Dining in Ghent. We’ve got the hotspots

Finding delicious food in Ghent? That’s not difficult at all. Want to be sure of delectable dishes and a top-notch atmosphere? Try the addresses below and you won’t be disappointed. We have something for everyone!

01. Aroy Aroy

Enjoying great Thai cuisine served by a top chef? Then Aroy Aroy is the place to be. An austere interior, but what delicious dishes and fine vibe. Here you will definitely experience a sultry evening.

02. Je m’en fish & John Dory

A good piece of seafood? Then pop into Je m’en fish once, a super fun and delicious seafood bar. Here you taste all the goodies from the sea in a casual atmosphere. John Dory is a great alternative. Enjoy fine-dining with fish. All fish were caught by line.

03. Lokaal

At Lokaal you eat delicious seasonal dishes. Ecology and local products are paramount here. Vegetables are often homegrown and everything here is vegetarian with lots of vegan options.

Do you prefer sharing? That’s what you do at Komparto. Enjoy delicious sharing dishes in a casual atmosphere. About twenty dishes can be ordered to share. We are already going for the burrata, quesadilla and langoustines.

Enjoy your dinner!


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