14 Dec, 2023
Spend a day with us in Brussels

Visiting Brussels? Here are a few places and things to do during your stay!

The Smartflats Team


Enjoy a walk and grab a bite

Be sure to include a visit to Parc de Bruxelles, also known as Parc royal. Located right in the heart of the city, this magnificent park offers an oasis of calm and greenery, perfect for a relaxing break away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

It’s an ideal place to take a stroll, simply relax on a bench, or have brunch at @woodpecker.family this kiosk‑café is renowned for its warm, friendly atmosphere, delicious brunches and hearty Belgian specialities.

📍Parc de Bruxelles, Rue Royale, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

 📸 Credit: @wookpecker.family

Explore one of the Belgian Treasure

Did you know? Brussels is truly the capital of comics.

@comicsartmuseum, housed in a magnificent Art Nouveau building, is the ideal place to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Belgian comics, such as Tintin and many others. As soon as you enter, you’ll be greeted by a permanent exhibition tracing the history of comics from their beginnings to the present day.

Whether you’re a long‑time fan or simply curious, family, couple or friends, this museum will captivate and inspire you.

🎫Adults: 13.00 euros
🎫Children 6‑11 years: 6 euros

📍Rue des Sables 20, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

 📸 Credit: @john_nguyen

It’s time for lunch break


@noordzee_merdunord also known as the North Sea, is an iconic establishment for seafood lovers.

The menu offers a variety of seafood dishes, including oysters, shrimps, mussels, fried squid and fresh fish. Dishes are simply prepared to highlight the freshness of the produce.

📍 Rue Sainte‑Catherine 45, 1000 Brussels, Belgium


 📸 Credit: @nordzee_merdunord

Discover this magnificient site

If you’re looking for cultural and historical discoveries, don’t miss a visit to the famous Grand‑Place, one of the city’s must‑see historic monuments.

Located in the heart of Brussels’ historic center, the Grand‑Place is a magnificent square that transports you back to the city’s glorious past. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this emblematic square is surrounded by superb buildings dating mainly from the 17th century.

Prepare to be amazed by the beauty of the architecture

📍 Grote Markt, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

In a mood for a sweat treat?


Maison Dandoy is a famous cookie factory that has been in existence for over 180 years. The company’s reputation has spread beyond Belgium’s borders, and its cookies are now appreciated the world over.

If you’re visiting Brussels, a visit to @maisondandoy is highly recommended to discover and taste these delicious Belgian specialties 🧇

📍Galerie du Roi 2, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

For other point of sales check the website: https://maisondandoy.com/fr/boutiques

 📸 Credit: @maisondandoy

You can’t come to Brussels without tasting…

Belgium fries! @fritlandbrussels is a very popular establishment and is considered one of the best places to enjoy traditional Belgian fries.

A must when visiting Brussels. If you’re a fan of fries and want to discover a traditional and delicious version of this emblematic dish, Fritland is certainly the place to visit.

📍Rue Henri Maus 49, Brussels, Belgium

📸 Credit: @fritlandbrussels

Time for a little shopping


If you’re looking for a unique shopping experience in Brussels, be sure to visit Rue Neuve, via Galerie Saint‑Hubert.

The combination of Galerie Saint‑Hubert and Rue Neuve offers you a complete shopping experience in Brussels.

Between the timeless elegance of the 19th‑century gallery and the modern bustle of the shopping street, you’ll find everything you need to satisfy your shopping desires and discover the latest trends.

📍Galerie du Roi 5, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
📍Rue Neuve, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

📸 Credit: @urbanpixxels

Have a drink in the Brussels’ most famous bar


@deliriumvillage offers a wide range of Belgian beers, from the famous Trappist beers to local craft beers.

One of Delirium Café’s most striking features is its incredibly extensive beer list, featuring over 2,000 different varieties from all over the world.

📍 Impasse de la Fidélité 4, 1000 Brussels Belgium

📸 Credit: @her.point.ofview

Enjoy a good dinner to end the day


Located in the heart of Saint‑Gilles, everything is prepared using Belgian products.

@fernand_obb is the famous winner of the best shrimp croquette trophy two years running, and you can also enjoy boudin, gaufrites, real homemade fricadelles, burgers and more.

If you’re passing through, we recommend you go and try this restaurant.

📍 Rue de Tamines 27, 1060 Saint‑Gilles

📸 Credit: @tmaurine.food


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